Matt standing next to a Chinook Chopper


04/22/2016 6:06am

I am proud of the United States military. Through our military we have brought peace to a greater majority of the world. We have removed tyrants and from Africa to the Australia democracy is thriving. I congratulate every man in uniform and their families for the great work you have done for America.

07/12/2017 12:55am

Thank you for featuring Matt! He is not just a good-looking man, he is also responsible man with dignity and a love for his job. I may not know him personally, but I can sense that he is a dedicated man. Honestly, I am hoping to meet him soon and get the chance to work with him. They will always be the hero of the modern generation.


These army men are the most selfless people I can think of. What I don’t like to think about is that they get married and when they die in their work the create children who have no father. This man is very handsome and I glad he has a smile on his face.

07/12/2016 6:37am

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03/12/2017 6:01am

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04/01/2017 6:02am

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