Communications bunker
This was the top of  mountain  Nui Ba Den. My base was about 15 miles from the mountain. Our big guns provided fire support  for the troops at the top and bottom of the mountain. the enemy had the middle of the mountain.



11/19/2015 12:47am

Vietnam war was waged and fought in the century of the present times and its pictures are dreadful and frightening.t he skills of the photographers are wonderful and vital to be appreciated. But the pictures are very hard to watch and observe.

09/16/2016 5:38am

Waging war is not a solution to a conflict among countries. In war, no one actually wins. Lives of people are just wasted when they could be spared and become productive citizens of their respective nation. Instead of investing on weapons, the government of each country should increase instead the budget for education so that everyone will have the opportunity to go to school, finish college and land a job. If people are educated, poverty will be alleviated, differences can be settled in a diplomatic way and war won't be necessary.

08/03/2016 7:18am

nice post.iwant to say thank you for sharing this post

12/11/2016 5:56am

Is this object secret? Secret base or not? You're sharing very interesting pics!

12/17/2016 8:42am

You should share more photos here. It's very interesting to check them out.

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