CH-46 Hellicopter
This is a Chinook Chopper bringing supplies and new troops to the top of Nui Ba Den..The signal core provided communications relay for many patrols in the field and other base camps close by.



01/14/2015 4:22am

The Chinook in the last photo on your page is a CH 47A The Unit was the 1st Av. 213th ASCH Black Cats of Phu Loi. During the Vietnam war, The 213th was used for many different details. Rescuing the wounded in LZ's,battle zones.. throwing Agent Orange into the jungles and fields, transporting GI's from one location to another, Killing Water Buffalo, (that's how the Viet Cong transported a lot their ammo). Also delivering, C-Rats, socks, beer soda , cigarettes..etc. My Husband was part of the 213th as an SP-5/E5, He was a Crew Chief/Flight Engineer/Door gunner.;)


The chopper is one of the most convenient way to give signals of help and hope for people who finds it hard to travel through land because of the war. This kind of chopper is one of those I see on action films, which I'm fond of. During war, choppers is always helpful in giving supplies to patrol members who are running out of resources.

11/28/2015 2:06am

Vietnam war was fought in the decades of the 1950's and 60's. The harm and damage it brought to the american forces was undeniable and it had negative implications for the army of the america. It is still remembered.

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